CPRS delay reaction Media Release

Apr 28, 2010 - 1:00pm

Details over the future of the Government’s CPRS remain sketchy with uncertainty over the length of delay of the scheme’s implementation.

Media reports suggest that the PM has committed to implement the scheme in the Government’s 2nd Kyoto commitment period – which, for Australia, starts on 1st July 2012.

Taking these reports at face value, that would mean the Government would have to reintroduce the legislation to Parliament next year to get the scheme up and running by 2012.

However, if the Government is talking about implementing “a process” by 2012 then this could open the door to indefinite delays.

We’re staring into a gulf of uncertainty and it’s important that the Government clarify its position.

It’s a bad day for the community, two-thirds of whom are concerned about climate change and frustrated by delay, and it’s a bad day for Australian jobs, businesses and investment that will be hampered by further delay.

It is also a bad day for the global community looking to Australia to be helpful in rebuilding trust and momentum in climate action.

It’s a day for which all political parties and Senators hold some responsibility.

The Climate Institute repeats its urging of all parties to negotiate on a mechanism to limit and make large companies responsible for their pollution. This can be done in a way that helps households with electricity bills and further drives investment in clean energy and climate solutions that are already driving jobs and profits elsewhere in the world.

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