Coalition support for Kyoto welcome Media Release

Aug 16, 2012 - 5:10pm

The Climate Institute today welcomed comments by the Coalition that it gives in-principle support for Australia to sign up to a second target under the Kyoto Protocol.

"A second round of targets under Kyoto is a critical lever to achieving a new legal binding agreement that covers all major emitters," John Connor, CEO from The Climate Institute said today. "Kyoto remains a key stepping stone to translate the actions China, the USA and other major emitters are taking into international law."

"I am very encouraged by the Coalition's willingness to turn its support for Australia's current 2020 emissions targets of 5 to 25 per cent cuts on 2000 levels into a binding international commitment."

"Support for a second Kyoto commitment period is an essential component of the credibility of any political party with regard to their emission reduction targets and their integrity in seeking an international agreement for all major players."

"Ultimately, the decision to take on a new Kyoto target will have to be made by the Government before the end of the year. By supporting Kyoto the Government can advance its own interests internationally and ensure Australian companies have easy access to global carbon and clean energy markets."

"The Coalition's in-principle support for Kyoto paves the way for a continued bipartisan approach to global climate change diplomacy that remains in Australia's long-term interests."

The Climate Institute’s policy brief Australia and the Future of the Kyoto Protocol can be found below.

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John Connor | CEO, The Climate Institute | 02 8239 6299
Erwin Jackson | Deputy CEO, The Climate Institute | 03 9600 4039

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