Climate fund: directionless and late Media Release

Oct 22, 2007 - 10:14am

The Climate Institute has welcomed recognition from the Prime Minister that the next international agreement would be based on binding targets to reduce greenhouse pollution.

“Both parties have now promised binding targets which is an important step in the right direction,” said John Connor Chief Executive Climate Institute.

“We also welcome Mr Howard’s promise to talk tough to President Bush who is still resisting binding targets, but actions speak louder than words and the only action that will count would be to join those other nations committed to binding targets by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol.”

“Unfortunately the commitment to assistance for low income households is also meaningless in the absence of pollution targets which will determine any possible impacts, and therefore what sort of assistance might be required. In any event, action on energy efficiency under this fund would not commence until an Emissions Trading Scheme is in place, which the Coalition suggests may be five years away.”

The Climate Institute also welcomed Mr Rudd's commitment during last night’s debate to climate science but called on him to come clean on the direction of Australia's greenhouse pollution. 

"The science is clear, developed countries like Australia will need to reverse rising pollution within five years with substantial reductions by 2020 - is that what we can expect from a Rudd Government?" asked Mr Connor.

“The reaction of the worm during the debate mirrors our polling in marginal seats that shows Australian voters care about climate change, but our research shows leadership is up for grabs with 68% of swinging voters believing both major parties are the same on the issue.”

“Both parties should come out with stronger actions to combat climate change by switching Australia to clean energy, turning around greenhouse pollution within the next five years and showing international leadership by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol.”

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