Climate change top tier issue in deciding 2007 election Media Release

Nov 26, 2007 - 5:56am

Climate Change was a critical issue for voters deciding who would govern the country on Saturday. An exit poll conducted by Auspoll on Saturday found that the economy and health were the top two issues identified by the more than 2,500 people polled, with climate change and industrial relations equal in the third spot.

“Australians are expecting decisive action on climate change and were clearly under whelmed by the Coalition’s climate policies which achieved just 30% on The Climate Institute’s assessment.” Said Climate Institute Chief Executive, John Connor.

“We congratulate the new Prime Minister Kevin Rudd who has a clear mandate, responsibility and, it would seem, intent to combat dangerous climate change and reverse rising greenhouse pollution.”

“With the world’s top scientists telling us that global greenhouse pollution needs to peak before 2015 with developed countries leading the way, Australia will need to reverse its rising greenhouse pollution within the next five years.”

The ALP policies provide three fundamental building blocks to ensure that this happens:

  • A price on carbon with the 2010 emissions trading scheme
  • A clean renewable energy target to assist deployment of clean energy
  • An energy efficiency goal to catch up with OECD standards.
“But the detail of these commitments will determine whether or not they deliver a reversal of greenhouse pollution within five years, ensure all new baseload electricity comes from clean energy and enable Australia to demonstrate real leadership in helping to avoid dangerous global warming of 2?C above pre-industrial levels.”
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