Carbon Pricing Mechanism Principles welcomed Media Release

Dec 21, 2010 - 3:30pm

The Climate Institute welcomed today’s carbon pricing mechanism principles by the Multi-Party Climate Change Committee saying they provide a springboard for this critical part of Australia’s overall pollution reduction policy framework.

“These principles show refreshing pragmatism from this crucial parliamentary committee and can provide a springboard for the carbon pricing mechanism to be a key part of a flexible pollution reduction policy package,” said The Climate Institute’s CEO, John Connor.

“The principles provide greater confidence for investors and businesses wanting to invest in low pollution solutions but also provide flexibility for Australia to do its part in efforts to avoid global warming of no more than two degrees above pre-industrial levels.”

“The harder part comes next with more detailed design and greater clarity on supporting policies for clean energy and energy efficiency, but this is a welcome first step.”

“The decision today to shelve the Green Start program however, represents further and disappointing delay in efforts to help low income households manage energy bills and further reason for action on energy efficiency to be fast tracked ahead of the carbon pricing committee’s deliberations.

“As we close 2010 the year of squabbling, stalling and late surprises, these principles provide some hope for 2011, the ‘year of action on pollution and climate change,” concluded Mr Connor.

For further information: 
John Connor | CEO, The Climate Institute |   0413 968 475

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