Brace yourself for misinformation campaign to hit overdrive Media Release

Jul 01, 2011 - 12:03am

The independent Climate Institute today warned Australians to brace themselves for the mother of all misinformation campaigns as the Government, Greens & Independents prepare to release details on its plan to price carbon pollution.

Institute CEO, John Connor, said it was disappointing that big polluting businesses were again trying to avoid responsibility for the carbon pollution they generate.

“This is a desperate last bid from big companies who want to keep polluting our skies for free. This group is determined to maintain their scare campaign of misinformation on prices and jobs,” Mr Connor said.

“The Australian Coal Association’s scare campaign about jobs has been revealed as just that as their own analysis shows employment increasing in the coal sector with a price on carbon pollution (see link below).

“The Australian Food and Grocery Council still refuse to reveal the modeling behind their claims of food price impacts, which are many times those of credible and available analysis.

“This desperate campaign comes at a time when more and more businesses are recognising that a price and a limit on carbon pollution is the most cost effective way of reaching the targets that both the major parties are committed to.

“Only yesterday, Fosters Group chief executive John Pollaers, Pacific Brands, Mirvac and Gloucester Coal chairman James MacKenzie, AustralianSuper chair Elana Rubin and Stockland director Carol Schwartz agreed a price on pollution was needed.

“One of Australia's most senior business figures, NAB chief executive Cameron Clyne this week said it will drive certainty and investment.”

“The Productivity Commission and Professor Garnaut have demonstrated that while other countries are acting on carbon pricing, clean energy and climate change, at the very best, Australia is in the middle of the pack, but standing still with an economy both dependent on carbon pollution and trailing in energy efficiency improvements.

“Australia is the biggest per capita polluter in the developed world and the 16th biggest in the world and as a GE study recently showed energy efficiency improvements are half that of companies in the UK and Germany.

“Australians need to brace themselves for the mother of all scare campaigns from Australia’s big polluters.”

The Climate Institute has produced a myth buster on the impacts of strong climate change action on the coal industry. View here. 

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