Balanced Funding for Renewable Energy Welcomed Media Release

Nov 14, 2007 - 9:24am

The Climate Institute has welcomed the announcement from the ALP that it will provide $500m in funding for research and development in renewable energy and additional funding for energy efficiency and innovation. 

“This commitment more than balances out the funding allocated for research and development to dramatically reduce emissions from fossil fuels and will provide much needed funding for Australian researchers to come up with more solutions that will underpin our clean energy economy.” Said Climate Institute Chief Executive, John Connor. 

“This announcement takes the ALP to 60% on the Climate Institute’s report card, compared to the Coalition’s 26.6%, the Greens on 90%, Democrats on 83% and Family First on 57%.” 

“To avoid dangerous climate change we need to avoid tipping over 2?C, and to do that we need to reduce greenhouse pollution within the next 5 years.” 

“The Climate Institute would still like to see an even greater commitment to energy savings. Our report last week demonstrated that Australia is well behind the rest of the world in its energy efficiency improvements, it's time we caught up.” 

“The Government’s 2004 energy white paper estimated that energy savings of up to 30% are possible without impacting on the comfort or productivity of Australian homes and businesses, so we are looking for a clear energy efficiency policy. 

“Australians want to know what they are voting for, and in recent polling by the Climate Institute 73% said that climate change would be a strong influence on their vote, so clear direction from the major parties in climate change could determine the result of this election.” 

“We need a Government with a plan to reduce greenhouse pollution within the next five years, switch Australia to clean energy and provide international leadership by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol.” Said Mr Connor.

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