Australia's in-principle support for Kyoto2 helps global momentum Media Release

Nov 09, 2012 - 11:00am

The Climate Institute today warmly welcomed the Government’s in-principle commitment to take on a new carbon pollution target under the Kyoto Protocol’s second commitment period from 2013. The announcement comes as nations prepare for the UN Climate Summit in Doha later this month. 

“The Government’s decision will help bolster international efforts to secure a new legally binding agreement to cover all major emitters by 2015,” said Erwin Jackson, Deputy CEO of The Climate Institute. “A second round of targets under Kyoto is a critical lever to achieving a new legal binding agreement that covers all major emitters.”  

“The Kyoto Protocol provides a vital example of a rules based framework crucial for a successful global agreement which builds ambitious domestic action. Carbon trading under Kyoto’s first commitment period provided vital experience that has helped China and other emerging economies build the investment, skills, institutional capacity and the confidence to begin implementing carbon pricing and clean energy policies.”

He added: “Given the Coalition's in-principle support for Kyoto and continued support of 2020 reductions from 5 to 25 per cent below 2000 levels conditional on global action, this announcement maintains a bipartisan approach to global climate change diplomacy that remains in Australia's long-term interests.” 

“A second Kyoto target also removes the risk that Australian companies will not be able to directly access low cost emission credits generated under the Kyoto’s emission trading mechanisms.” 

In Doha late in December, Australia will need to make a decision on the level of its new Kyoto target. 

Jackson said: “How Australia records its new Kyoto target will be important to ensure that the nation can lift ambition before 2020, as it agreed  at the Durban Climate Summit last year, and after the completion review of the Climate Change Authority in 2014.” 

“Australia needs to remain committed to doing its fair share in a world that is acting to avoid dangerous climate change and be ready to lift its ambition above the minimum 5 per cent emission target.”   

“New Kyoto commitments weaker than implied by the legislation and the rules already agreed by the Australian Parliament would not be credible either domestically or internationally.”   

The Climate Institute is releasing a briefing paper on the prospects for Doha on 14 November. A briefing for journalists will be hosted prior to Jackson’s departure to the Doha talks later in the month. 

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