Arctic Ice Melt at Near-Record Levels as Carbon Pollution Laws enter Parliament Media Release

Sep 12, 2011 - 2:01pm

With Arctic sea ice melting fast, Australia’s politicians are being urged to get on with pricing carbon pollution.  The proposed laws to price and limit carbon pollution are to be introduced in Federal Parliament tomorrow. 

Polar scientists at the US National Snow and Ice Data Center report that Arctic sea ice is now melting and thinning at a much faster pace than average, and has shrunk to near-record levels since satellite observations started in 1972.

“The sea ice in the fabled North West Passage of the Arctic has almost completely disappeared”, said Climate Institute CEO John Connor. 

“The situation in the Arctic is one a string of indicators of a rapidly warming world, including shrinking glaciers, rising sea and air temperatures, rising sea levels, spring coming earlier and earlier, and more extreme weather disasters”, Mr Connor said.

“The overwhelming majority of climate experts — around 97 per cent — agree that emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants are to blame. 

“The world’s major emitters are acting to reduce pollution and drive clean energy and Australia must do its fair share.

“We’ve only got a tiny window to act, taking the crucial first step to a clean economy. The longer we delay action the more expensive it becomes, and at some point soon it will simply be too late.

Climate change is not waiting, why are we?” concluded Mr Connor.

The Climate Institute today launched a new series of fact sheets countering top myths on climate change, carbon and clean energy, available on its website

For further information: 
Tom Laurie | Communications, The Climate Institute | 03 9600 4039

The analysis of the US National Snow and Ice Data Center can be found at
Data on ice coverage at

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