ALP launch misses opportunity to lock in gains Media Release

Aug 16, 2010 - 3:00pm

The ALP’s Campaign launch missed a key opportunity to build on momentum and lock in potential gains from its weekend Carbon Farming initiative, The Climate Institute said today.

“Today’s ALP launch was a missed opportunity for the ALP to deliver a more credible plan on pollution and climate change,” said Climate Institute CEO John Connor.

“By committing to an emissions trading scheme and decisive energy efficiency policy the ALP could have locked in significant pollution reduction gains from its Carbon Farming initiative.”

The Climate Institute is analysing domestic pollution reduction potential of policy announcements with its Pollute-o-meter, and broader climate policy credibility including support for building global ambition, in its Star Rating. It released its 3rd update today.

“The ALP could have moved ahead of the Coalition on our Pollute-o-meter measure of potential Australian pollution reduction with decisive policies but has let the opportunity slip,” he said.

“On our analysis both major parties policies see pollution increasing to 2020, the Coalition by 9 per cent above 1990 levels and the ALP by 19 per cent.

“The ALP’s Carbon Farming Initiative announced on Saturday could reduce pollution by about 41 million tonnes in 2020 but will only count towards Australia’s target if there is a firm timeline for an emissions trading scheme.  Otherwise any benefits will be sold offshore and count to other nations targets.

“With a commitment to an ETS, investors could be certain of Australian markets and this 19 per cent could be reduced to 12 per cent rise above 1990 levels by 2020.  A clear commitment to an ETS for the 5 to 25 target range would, of course, support at least 5 per cent reduction achievement.

“The ALP remains ahead of the Coalition on the in depth Star Rating with one and a half stars out of five to the Coalition’s half a star.  The Coalition scores poorly because of its high risk reliance on its Emission Reduction Fund and the slashing of funds to help build global action.  

“The potential strength of the ALP’s policies is their ability to drive significant early pollution abatement, leaving the door open to achieving the 5 to 25 per cent pollution reduction targets.

“The most efficient use of the Coalition’s Emission Reduction Fund sees a slow start in effect ruling out the possibility of achieving the 5-25 percent pollution cuts.

“In the days remaining both major parties has the chance to win on both our measures but both remain well short of credible plans on pollution and climate change.

“The Greens remain the only party with a credible plan, scoring 4 stars out of five and being able to achieve the 2020 target of 25 per cent reductions off 2000 levels.”

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