ALP inches ahead on policy, gets first reductions Media Release

Jul 26, 2010 - 6:00pm

After a disappointing first week of campaigning, the ALP party has its first “runs on the board” for pollution reduction and slightly increased its policy lead on the Coalition but both parties policies lack credibility and will increase pollution to 2020 and beyond, the Climate Institute said today as it launched its online Pollute-o-Meter and star rating tool.

“The weekend policies finally got the ALP moving forward on pollution reduction but their climate policies still fall far short of what’s needed for a credible plan on pollution and climate change,” said The Climate Institute CEO John Connor.

In the second run of The Climate Institute’s Pollute-O-Meter* and Star Rating System (now accessible online) the ALP has opened up its first “pollution reduction wedge”, meaning pollution is set to rise at 19 per cent above 1990 levels, rather than 22 per cent.

“Cleaning up old workplaces and Australia’s first, if not a little feeble, mandatory vehicle emission standards, have helped improve the Government’s policy mix but only slightly,” said Mr Connor.

On our five star rating system the ALP has clawed an extra half a star with policies on tax credits for greening up old commercial buildings, mandatory vehicle emissions standards and electricity generators to now sit on 1 and a half stars our of five.

The Coalition are yet to build on their high risk mainstay, their Emissions Reduction Fund, which, combined with their decision to withdraw money from global solutions and support for Research Design and Development, leaves them with just half a star.

“By not committing to, or directly opposing, limits and price-tags on pollution both major parties lack credibility and locks Australia’s economy onto a balloon ride to ever polluting skies.”

The committed policies of both major parties will see pollution increasing to 2020 and beyond, breaching their agreed minimum 5 per cent pollution reduction target, no-where near the potential 25% reduction target that they also both agree on.

The Climate Institute analysis has the Greens at four stars out of five and with credible policies, with limited international offsets, to achieve a 25 per cent pollution reduction targets by 2020.

“There’s plenty of room for improvement from both major parties in the remaining weeks.  We need a limit and a price tag on pollution and credible commitments for pollution reduction, but there are still opportunities in land use, energy saving and cleaner energy policies,” concluded Mr Connor.

The Pollute-O-Meter interactive online tool is now on The Climate Institute’s website .  

For further information:
John Connor | CEO | The Climate Institute |   0413 968 475 .
Harriet Binet | Communications | The Climate Institute |   (02) 8239 6299  or   0402 588 384

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