2014 hottest year on record -- a dangerous milestone not to be ignored Media Release

Jan 17, 2015 - 12:41pm

Wave after wave of data shows that global warming is well and truly under way. This latest wave from NASA and the US National Ocean and Atmospheric Agency backs up Japanese Meteorological Agency and the World Meteorological Organisation.


“This data shows not only a series of alarming years but decades of warming to make an undisputable trend and provide a sobering reminder that the urgency for action to address the growing impacts of man-made extreme climate has never been greater,"said John Connor, CEO of The Climate Institute.


"It is critical that of our government and all political parties think hard and make some sound decisions about their climate and clean energy goals and policies this year, as the world moves towards agreement on a new international framework in Paris in December."


"Our political and business leaders need to decide whether they want Australia to be part of the global switch to clean energy, and to play its fair part in ensuring a safe and prosperous future for our planet."


“In 2015 there is no place to hide on climate and clean energy policy. There’ll be unavoidable decisions on post-2020 climate targets, the future of renewable energy targets, and pollution controls under the government’s safeguard mechanism'. This year will also reveal outcomes from the first Emissions Reduction Fund."


"The stark reality of a warming world and the need for urgent action to switch to clean energy and decarbonise our economy can no longer be ignored."


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