Federal climate policy review offers real chance to move out of chaos Media release

Mar 24, 2017 - 12:13pm

With the release today of the Discussion Paper for the federal government’s Review of Climate Change Policies, The Climate Institute said that the most important outcome that can achieved through this process is to address the long term climate policy uncertainty that is currently harming our energy markets.

“Failure to deliver policies in line with our commitment to achieve net zero emissions under the Paris Agreement has resulted in ongoing chaos in energy markets, higher electricity prices, threats to energy security and capital moving offshore,” said Acting CEO, Olivia Kember.

“This review presents us with a chance to provide communities, businesses and investors in Australia the confidence to take appropriate steps in decarbonising our economy - steps they want to make - and ultimately move toward the achievement of net zero emissions.”

Ms Kember said that, while all sectors in the economy need to play a part in decarbonising our economy, the electricity sector is core to the transition to clean energy and achievement of a modern economy with net zero emissions by mid century.

“Australian communities and businesses are already affected by the global shift to clean energy, which is steadily gaining momentum,” she said. “The constructive path forward should see the people and businesses, who will be at the front line of these changes, at the centre of policy design. Inclusive strategies that address their needs are essential.”

Ms Kember said, with this review, Australia has the opportunity to move out of the chaos and point scoring of the last decade, to manage the risks and to harness the clear and positive opportunities that a climate and clean energy future can deliver.

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